How We Can Help

Get Connected with a Qualified Trainer

The Humane Alliance of Rescue Trainers is a nonprofit organization that connects animal rescues to credentialed, professional trainers that use humane training techniques. While many of the trainers on our referral list are dog trainers, some of them work with cats, birds, or other animals. Feel free to inquire!

Free Behavior Consulting for Animal Rescue Organizations

Trainers on our referral list agree to provide up to four training sessions at no cost for a given animal.

Please note: All training sessions will be virtual by default unless an individual trainer chooses to make an exception. In the event of an in-person session, health guidelines such as working outdoors, wearing masks, and staying at least 6 feet apart must be followed to minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Examples of ways that HART may help a rescue or shelter organization include:

  • Training and behavior consulting to help animals become more adoptable and improve their welfare
  • Pre-adoption counseling for families planning to adopt an animal with behavioral needs, followed by post-adoption support to help newly adopted animals transition in their first few weeks at home
  • Transition support for animals who were adopted within the past 5 months and need behavioral support beyond what the rescue organization can provide

If you’ve adopted a rescue or shelter animal and need behavioral support, please begin by reaching out to the organization where you adopted your animal from. Many organizations have resources available to their adopters. If additional support is needed, please have the organization submit a case request to HART on your behalf. At this time, we are not able to accept case requests directly from adopters.

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